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EMF Japan was established in August 2008, based on our experiences and career in the radiation measuring field.
Since established, we have been contributing to a lot of researcher mainly at national and public universities and research institutions, and medical institutions in Japan.

Our business is to contribute to our clients' studies or researches by providing excellent measuring instruments. To do that, we are looking for the superior instruments from all over the world.
We are presently acting as a distributor of 5 manufacturers.

1. AMPTEK Inc.(U.S.A.)
As an authorized distributor, we have been selling their "Silicon Drift Detector" "CdTe X-Ray & Gamma Ray Detector" "Multichannel Analyzer" and so on.

2. PTW Freiburg GmbH (Germany)
As an authorized distributor we have been selling their dose meters and ion chambers.

3. ACRORAD Co., Ltd (Japan)
As an authorized distributor for the sale for universities and institutions,
we are selling their "CdTe flat panel sensor".

4. PANalytical (Neatherlands)
As the exclusive distributor in Japan, we have been selling their CdTe 2D detector, “PIXI-2" series.

5. HORIBA Ltd (Japan)
As an authorized distributor, we have been selling their "PA-1000 Radi", a portable environmental radiation detector.

As well as selling the instruments, we have been developing radiation detectors cooperating with our clients.
EMF211 is one of the instruments we developed. It is “photon spectrum meter" consisted of 3 inches NaI(Tl) scintillator of AMPTEK and Japanese software we developed. Like EMF211, we also focus on modifying the instruments abroad for Japanese market.

EMF Japan provides the clients in Japan with excellent instruments.
If you are interested in and wish to sell the products through us, please send a mail to us.

EMF Japan Co., Ltd.
Jun Taniguchi


Company Name EMF Japan Co., Ltd.
President Jun Taniguchi
Main Office / R&D center 381 Takata Aboshi Himeji-city,Hyogo 671-1226 JAPAN
TEL: +81-79-262-6773  FAX: +81-79-262-6774
(Our main office was changed from "76-2 Chuo Kobe-city" on October 1st, 2020.)
Foundation 2008 Aug. 1st
Membership Japan Industries Association of Radiological Systems
Japan Society of Medical Physics
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
The Japanese Society of Radiological Technology
Atomic Energy Society of Japan